Be Authentic

Davide Calderone

Are you curious to learn about the phenomenon of Italian Sounding in the charcuterie industry? Watch the video and get an insight on the harmful effects it has on this sector.

Fabio Leonardi

How does Italian Sounding impact entrepreneurs in Italy and limit them in developing products? Tune in to learn how entrepreneurs are tackling the issue.

Ivano Vacondio

How can we increase consumer awareness of product traceability? One way is to use new technologies. Check out the video to learn more.

Serena Moretti

Why are Italian products so vulnerable to counterfeiting? And why do they have such desirable qualities all over the world? Listen to find out.

Francesco Postorino

Can you guess which Italian industry is most affected by the phenomenon of Italian Sounding? Watch the video to find out.

Dino Scanavino

Did you know that even Parmesan cheese, which is made in multiple areas of Italy, may be counterfeited? Tune in to learn more.

Luigi Scordamaglia

How do supply chains tackle the issue of Italian sounding? Watch the video to discover how Filiera Italia, an association that defends the Italian agri-food supply chain, aims to respond to this challenge.

Ettore Prandini

How can consumers become more knowledgeable about the qualities of Made in Italy products? Watch the video to learn about the key tools for achieving complete awareness.