Social Media Policy

ICE encourages interaction with anyone interested in Italy, its goods and services, as well as its businesses. However, before sharing data and content, it is necessary to comply with the following indications.

1 – Publication of personal data

Unless strictly necessary, it is preferable to avoid publishing individual or third parties’ personal data. If necessary, users should read ICE’s Data Protection and Cookie Policy before posting.

2 – Tone and form of communication

ICE supports the use of a civil tone in communication. Consequently, ICE does not allow the publication of offensive, obscene or generally inappropriate messages or contents. The above applies, without prejudice to other cases, both to contents that are detrimental to the reputation and dignity of the person and those in violation of intellectual and/or industrial property laws, advertising of illegal goods and services or those forbidden to minors.

3 – Content moderation

ICE refrains from preventive and generalised surveillance of content posted by users. However, upon notification of a potential breach of law, it reserves the right to suspend the visibility of the content and make available to the competent authorities all the information in its possession.

4 – Intellectual property of the contents of official pages and profiles

All contents published by ICE are exclusive intellectual and industrial property or used under licences and authorisations issued by the rights holders.

Re-use of content is permitted within the limits of copyright law, subject to express authorisation and provided it is not for profit or gain.

5 – Intellectual property of the content published by users and free/unrestricted licence in favour of ICE

The intellectual and/or industrial property of the content made available by users via the official ICE pages and profiles remains the user’s property.

ICE respects the author’s moral right and credits the user who posts content on ICE websites and social profiles/pages. However, ICE may re-use any content posted by users free of charge, for an indefinite time, without any geographical limitation, with any distribution platform, including online, with any technology, in all its institutional and promotional activities.

6 – Availability of official pages and profiles

Subject to its sole discretion, the official pages and profiles are, in general, always available. However, ICE does not assume any obligation to make them available in every country and/or in their full version and/or in a specific language.

7 – Reliability of information

ICE takes reasonable steps to publish accurate and up-to-date information. However, it assumes no obligation to keep it so.

The user should contact ICE directly before making any decisions relating to, and/or connected with, the contents published by ICE.