Our productive excellence as told by the players of the Serie A League


FC Inter

Marcus Thuram shows us Milan is more than the beating heart of fashion and design of Italy. The capital of Lombardy has the ability to find solutions and anticipate the future, meeting the needs of a thriving electronic industry. Technology permeates both the football pitch and our everyday lives.



Atalanta BC

Marten de Roon inspires us to smart small and think big in Bergamo. The city with a medieval heart, a modern soul and an extraordinary capacity for innovation is one of the strongest manufacturing hubs in Europe. The city is home to outstanding companies of excellence in their sectors which enhance the value of Made in Italy across the world.



SSC Napoli

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia takes us to an open-air museum paired with unique warmth and hospitality—Naples. The city exports a sartorial excellence both traditional and in a state of continuous evolution, supported by its reputation, the craftsmanship of its artists and the passion of its people.


Juventus FC

Gianduiotto anyone? Dusan Vlahovic brings us to Turin, first capital of Italy and authentic Savoy city. Discover Turin, a pinnacle of chocolate creation with its master chocolatiers that has been transforming ancient traditions into contemporary Made in Italy brands exported around the world.


Hellas Veronas FC

Thomas Henry takes us around Verona, the source of inspiration for the greatest love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet. By the Adige River, the city and its unbridled beauty is home to the largest equestrian event in the world, Fieracavalli – a celebration of ancient and noble equestrian traditions attended by thousands of show jumping professionals and enthusiasts.


Torino FC

Perr Schuurs walks us around an open book, Turin. Designated World Book Capital, the city is home to the largest publishing book fair in Italy, “Salone Internazionale del Libro” and among the most important ones in Europe. With 1500 events for professionals and book lovers alike, Turin has become a reference point for both national and international publishing.


Frosinone Calcio

Abdou Harroui takes us to Frosinone, a rural town flourishing as a successful industrial and commercial hub. With ancient thermal complexes, the province boasts natural springs that feed a renowned spa system with centuries-old therapeutic properties, earning it the nickname water of well-being.


AS Roma

Rome is magical, a dream come true for Paulo Dybala. The legends of this great metropolis live on its monuments and its movie industry, where cinema, creativity, innovation and its talented casts and film crews thrive through the city’s world class movie making history. Rome is a set the size of a city, with bigger than life directors and actors.


Empoli FC

Razvan Marin has found the perfect match for his lifestyle in Empoli, just a stone’s throw away from the birthplace of Da Vinci. The city, where centuries-old manufacturing traditions meet modern flair, is renowned for its exceptional glass, furniture, and textile industry where fashion artisans work in harmony with premium fabrics.


Udinese Calcio

Jaka Bijol guides us through Udine, a serene city in Friuli that exudes an aura of elegance. While the city is home to a great art collection and artist community, the region boasts one of the finest prosciutto products in the world, the Prosciutto di San Daniele, leading Italy’s agri-food exports with 3,000 farms producing over 3 million prosciutti annually.


Cagliari Calcio

Nahitan Nandez introduces us to Cagliari, a city in Sardinia known for its rich history, culture, and natural beauty. The region’s strategic position makes it perfect for astronomical pursuits reflected in the Caliumi Observatory, and further efforts to host a gravitational wave detector aiming to uncover the origins of the universe.


SS Lazio

A beacon of wisdom and light surrounded by seven hills: Rome and its majesty will never cease to amaze Felipe Anderson. The capital, but the Lazio region as a whole, is home to a remarkable development potential—the pharmaceutical and biomedical sector, standing for a center of excellence worldwide.


Bologna FC 1909

Land of engines and home to top automobile companies in the world, Bologna never finishes to amaze Stefan Posch. With every roar of its motors, with every delicious, authentic local tortellini pasta, the city continues to show the world it is in pole position in the race towards an even brighter future. 


US Lecce

Lecce as told by Valentin Gendrey, strolling around a city rich of sheer grace and fascinating cultural heritage, papier-mache expertise and yellowish stone, worldwide known as “pietra leccese”. The artistic influences of all times helped shape an excellent clothing industry crafting exclusive, unique and refined garments for the luxury market. 


US Salernitana 1919

Guided by Guillermo Ochoa, we explore Salerno, a Southern Italian city overlooking the Amalfi coast. Thanks to a rich heritage of ancient traditions, Salerno thrives with an impressive agri-food sector. The Nocera canneries, keeping the properties of the San Marzano tomato intact, are a delicious illustration.


AC Milan

Rafael Leão, elegant on the pitch with AC Milan, finds in Milan a perfect match. Here, fashion shines not only at the major fashion shows, or in its luxurious boutiques, it is a creative and entrepreneurial spirit woven into the fabric of the city itself.


AC Monza 

Monza’s excellence extends far beyond its racetrack, and Pablo Marì is here to kick us around. The region’s artisanal supremacy has been a driving force, particularly in the creation of exquisite furniture and furnishings – a testament to the skilled craftmanship of Monza and Brianza.


Genoa CFC

Our journey with Radu Dragusin brings us to admire and taste Genoa, a strip of land nestled between sea and mountains. Its buzzling port hosts a masterful boat craftsmanship that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation – a craft celebrated at Genova’s annual boat show.