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The first ‘Made in Italy’ forest has been created. Thanks to the support of the Be IT community, we have reached our goal of planting 750 trees in the three Italian regions: Apulia, Basilicata, and Tuscany. Together we are making the planet greener, one tree at a time.

You can now become a tree owner: this is your chance to contribute to the first Made in Italy forest. Redeem your code and protect the environment!


Goal 6,500.000


Trees Planted

Goal 650


CO2 absorption

Goal 103.750

103,750 kg

Hear the voices behind Treedom

Meet Federico Garceo, CEO and founder of Treedom, and Martina Fondi, Partner and Forestry Coordinator, who explain in more detail Treedom and its partnership with the Be IT campaign.

Watch the video and join our movement. Only together can we grow forests.

Where your trees are being planted

This project takes place in three different Italian regions: Basilicata, Puglia, and Tuscany. The trees planted are grafted from native species, which improves the biodiversity of the various regions.


The project is located in Matera’s Chiese Rupestri Park and extends into the protected areas of Policoro forest, an important resting area for many migratory birds, and the Montalbano Jonico Natural Reserve.


The project site is located in the heart of Filicaia, near the village of Travale, where some of Europe’s oldest chestnut trees can be found.


In Puglia, there are two projects: one in the province of Bari with the agricultural cooperative Semi di Vita, and another in the Lecce area with the Sylva Foundation.

What are the environmental benefits?
CO2 absorption
What are the environmental benefits?
Protection of biodiversity
What are the environmental benefits?
Combats soil erosion and desertification
What are the environmental benefits?