Social Media Policy

Our social channels provide an online platform for citizens all over the world to access and share information about Made in Italy, Italian culture, style, design, expertise, vision and other coolness. Taking part in online conversations is crucial for our mission, and we highly encourage doing so on our social channels.

Official pages and profiles are:

All other profiles or pages found on the above-three platforms, or on other social network platforms, are to be considered unofficial accounts.


In our social media channels you will find updates about the project, such as campaign messages, photos and videos, relevant tips and advice, new content published on our website, live coverage in case of events. The information disclosed is to be intended as official but not always exhaustive; therefore, where possible, we will refer to the website.
All photos, infographics, and videos published on our channels are reserved under copyright, unless stated otherwise. Contents can be used freely provided that the source is acknowledged. They must not be used for commercial purposes or in any offensive way.
Please note that, if we share information from other websites or sources, it does not mean that we are endorsing those websites or sources.
The presence of advertising messages on the sides of the content published in campaign profiles is not under our control, but it is managed independently by the social networks themselves. Likewise, we cannot be held responsible for the truthfulness of what is shared on the channel by third parties.

Moderation policy

We support open dialogue and exchange of ideas. Anyone can comment on our posts and send private messages. Here are some rules to use these spaces in the best possible way.

  • Please avoid obscenity and insulting language so as to show respect for fellow platform users. We will not allow any form of hate speech or discrimination (e.g.: by race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political view, etc.).
  • Posting unsolicited messages (i.e. advertising and promotion), incongruous or off-topic comments, as well as copy/paste messaging across posts, will be considered spamming.
  • Please avoid sharing any sensitive data and information, either belonging to you or third parties.

We reserve the right to remove comments that are inappropriate or break any of these rules. For serious or persistent breaches of the moderation policy, we reserve the right to prevent users from posting further comments. Please note that our social media channels are monitored from 9AM to 6PM (UTC+1). Response time to your messages may be long, due to the amount of requests we receive daily.

Personal data

Data processing is covered by the user terms and license agreement of each of the social media platforms we use.We can collect aggregated data about our users to produce reports and analyses of our social media, but in no case we process personal data.

If you have questions please contact [email protected]

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