An extensive program of promotional events all over the world, with the collaboration of ITA offices abroad supporting the network of Italian Embassies, Consulates and Cultural Institutes.

The quality that lights up

Italian Design Day is the annual, theme-based event launched in 2017 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration and with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture. The 2023 edition took place on 9 March.

Giacomo Garziano

Constructive coexistence of biological and artificial intelligence: the biophilic approach lets technological rationality and human creativity work in symbiosis to shape the future of design.

Peter Pichler

Traditional knowledge and values at the service of modern design. Adapting to local culture and using local materials to forge new creations, giving birth to innovative solutions inspired by the past.


Environmentally-friendly lighting systems: bringing a positive impact on our well-being while using sustainable materials to perpetuate the virtuous connection between light and nature.

Barovier & Toso

Blown glass is an evolving tradition of Italian culture. Furnaces turn raw materials into infinitely recyclable works of art: sustainability shines through the bright colours of blown glass.


Maintaining the colourful soul of design through the use of eco-friendly paints. Green alternatives to synthetic pigments generate synergies between technological innovation and chromatic expression.