Protecting the planet, one bee at a time
Protecting the planet, one bee at a time
Protecting the planet, one bee at a time
Protecting the planet, one bee at a time
Protecting the planet, one bee at a time

Be e-Green

The Be IT campaign, in partnership with 3Bee, launches its next Be e-Green project: Bee IT!

Did you know that bees are one of nature’s most vital agents? They contribute to biodiversity conservation by transporting pollen and assisting plants in reproducing.

Italy, a major producer of honey, recognises its importance. It is Europe’s 5th largest honey supplier, with around 1.4 million apiaries. It has over 60 different varieties, making Italian honey a world-renowned excellence!

Be e-Green

Be Green is the Be IT initiative that promotes environmental sustainability. After having planted the first ever Made in Italy forest with the help of the campaign community, Be Green evolves into Be e-Green.

IT is an Italian technology

Delicious food, innovative technology and environmental sustainability: a mix that only Italian talent can achieve.

As part of the Be Green programme, Be IT chose to collaborate with 3Bee, an Italian enterprise that established a research network whose main purpose is to assure the well-being of bees. Together, environmental and sustainable activities will be promoted through the use of an Italian technology, the Hive-Tech device.

This solar-powered system monitors and improves the productivity of bees on a regular basis. With it, the campaign will contribute to safeguard the future of apiculture and bring to the market a superb Italian delicacy: honey!

Bee Involved:

Participate in the project, adopt your beehive today!

The Be IT campaign, in collaboration with 3Bee, offers its community the opportunity to adopt a total of 6 million bees. Each member will contribute 500 bees to beekeepers around Italy. They will look after them and monitor their productivity.

Protect the environment.
To get your free code, click the link and enter BEEIT


Adopted Bees


Pollinated flowers


Pollinated flowers

Made in Italy apiaries are simply extraordinary

There is more to IT!

Honey is a nutrient-dense, delicious ingredient that combines tradition, innovative manufacturing techniques, and environmental responsibility. Italy is celebrated all over the world for its over 60 exquisite varieties. A first-class product marked by its purity, colour, and flavour.

The Be IT campaign and 3Bee scouted 20 beekeepers around Italy, one for each region, to bring them the adopted bees and the Hive-Tech. Learn more about the Made in Italy hives!


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Riproduci video

PhD Niccolò Calandri


CEO & Ingegnere, dopo un esperienza al MIT collaborando con la NASA ha deciso di dare un contributo sostanziale all’ambiente. In 3Bee ® si occupa di gestione delle risorse.

A story that speaks Italian:

Discover how everything related to 3Bee and the Hive-Tech started from a very Italian project!

Italian honey: a world-renowned excellence!