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Ener2Crowd is the first italian lending crowdfunding platform for energy and sustainable projects. Our goal is to facilitate and enable everyone's participation in the process of financing of renewables and energy efficiency projects.


We are technology company which provides smart solutions for the new Energy Services focusing at eMobility and Smart Energy Management solutions.


Stip is an AI-based solution backed by LVG and Berkeley Skydeck that makes Customer Support 300% more efficient. We believe human interaction is the real value of Customer Support. That’s why, contrarily to a chatbot, we maximize operators’ efficiency by cutting out all miscellaneous work.


Cicero Experience represents the new frontier of experiential, sustainable and sophisticated tourism. We enhance the cultural and social heritage and local traditions through experiences with attention to detail. We promote a new way of traveling - People driven journeys - putting at the center not the destinations but the people.

Young Platform

Young Platform is the leading crypto exchange in Italy that aim to build the biggest crypto community in Europe. In the past 4 years, the company have developed an ecosystem of product that covers the needs of all crypto customer audiences, regardless of their financial background.


An Experience Box enabling an authentic exclusive Italian Food & Wine and Travel experience, through Immersive Technologies (VR & AR), promoting: Awareness and access to the hidden gems of a country; Access to international markets for small food producers; Conscious consumption & travel, contributing to CO2 reduction and pollution


Fili Pari is fashion-tech startup focused on innovative materials and garments, respecting the territory and the environment. We developed cutting-edge technologies for the enhancement of marble powders. The resulting product is MARM \ MORE ®, the first patented marble-based microfilm in the world, which promotes an efficient use of the stone through the application of new solutions for the textile market.


Ernesto is the home services marketplace. We are helping local professionals such as electricians, plumbers, and anyone offering home services, to expand their business with the fairest conditions ever. It’s easy to use, People make a service request and so Ernesto sends it to 100 pros in the zone.


IL3X is a female-run startup which enables fashion labels in the creation of digital clothing & accessories for a use in virtual spaces, also developing ARDROBE.COM, first platform of digital clothing to be worn real-time in AR.


Ohoskin is a sustainable, vegan, and Made in Italy bio-based material alternative to leather from the byproducts of oranges and cacti. It is produced through a circular economy process that does not produce waste or emissions.