IT is the future!

Innovation, know-how and technological skills at the heart of the most brilliant ideas! Meet the entrepreneurs behind the Italian companies of StartITup.

Tomato +

Tomato + is a plug-and-play greenhouse for hydroponic cultivation with biodegradable pods of herbs, vegetables, and sprouts. The Tomato+ hydroponic greenhouses are for both domestic and professional use, for the Ho.Re.Ca. and for large-scale distribution.

Young Platform

Young Platform is the leading crypto exchange in Italy and aims to build the biggest crypto community in Europe. In the past 4 years, the company has developed a product ecosystem that covers the needs of all crypto customer segments, regardless of their financial background.


Unobravo is an online psychology service that is new and different. It matches each user with the best psychologist for their needs. Just fill out the questionnaire on our website to describe your needs in a simple and practical way. Our psychologists are selected one by one to guarantee quality psychotherapy.


Screevo imagines a world where workers don’t have to type and can use their hands only to create value. It offers a SAAS platform to allow users to create their own voice assistants. The voice assistant can both guide users through industrial processes and perform data input tasks on their behalf.


2hire develops vehicle connectivity technology and enables digital mobility services to seamlessly integrate connected vehicles into their business models.


Teta is a collaborative online app builder. It enables designers and developers to interact in real-time on the design and development of mobile apps through a user-friendly visual interface that supports Flutter code export.


IL3X is a female-led startup that helps fashion labels with the design of digital clothing and accessories for use in virtual spaces, as well as the establishment of ARDROBE.COM, the first platform of digital apparel that can be worn in real-time in AR.


Notarify is one of the leading international blockchain service providers. The company leverages an integrated model that provides solutions for data and document notarization in Blockchain: from storing to sharing, from identification and kyc to electronic signature.

Dog Heroes

Dry dog food has been introduced as a low-cost, shelf-stable solution to wartime rationing and has remained unchanged, made with low-quality ingredients and high in preservatives. Our objective is to change the way we feed pets by providing tailored and veterinarian-designed fresh food to help them live healthier lives.

Reasoned Art

Reasoned Art aims to break down the widespread speculation around crypto art and create an effective value proposition for all stakeholders in the art world.  This will be accomplished by bridging the gap between the offline world of physical galleries and the online world of digital markets, giving an outline of curatorship and support that the latter currently lacks.


State-of-the-art technology for the fastest cars in the world

In Formula 1, 7 out of 10 teams are equipped with Sabelt, one of the most iconic Italian brands in motorsport. The Turin company is a leader in safety belts and seats thanks to hi-tech patented materials and unparalleled Italian craftsmanship.

Massimiliano Marsiaj, VP of Sabelt, opens the doors to the factory in Moncalieri, showing how this company perfectly creates unique life-saving technology.