IT is the future!

Automotive, aerospace, machinery, and sustainable infrastructure: four Italian businesses unleash the neverending potential of Made in Italy creativity, manufacturing and industrial scientific knowledge.


Argomoon, a Made in Italy technology looking up to the moon

ARGOTEC is an all-Italian Aerospace Company focused on the production of satellites, human spaceflight systems and technologies. There is no program too ambitious for this Italian startup. 

The founder and CEO David Avino and the talented engineer Ludovica Bozzoli guide us through this globally successful Made in Italy company that is already partnering with NASA, ESA and ASI.

QB Robotics

The most advanced automation excellence

Founded in 2011, QB Robotics is a research and development company active in the robotics industry. Innovative devices such as robotic hands, grippers for robots and cobots, handles, Robot KIT and VSA actuators: their production is the perfect example of the latest Made in Italy tech.

CEO and Founder Fabio Bonomo shows us how this Tuscan-based company studies human anatomy before bringing its products to life. 

3SUN Gigafactory

Sicily: becoming ‘the island of the Sun’ beyond stereotypes

3SUN is the Enel Green Power solar panel factory in Catania, Sicily.

Thanks to the European Fund for Innovation, this facility will soon become the largest GiGAFACTORY in Europe. Here, photovoltaic systems will be manufactured, satisfying the needs of a city with 1 million inhabitants! Eliano Russo, Head of 3SUN, showcases the facility introducing the ambitious plan for the future: thousands of job opportunities and sustainable infrastructure.


State-of-the-art technology for the fastest cars in the world

In Formula 1, 7 out of 10 teams are equipped with Sabelt, one of the most iconic Italian brands in motorsport. The Turin company is a leader in safety belts and seats thanks to hi-tech patented materials and unparalleled Italian craftsmanship.

Massimiliano Marsiaj, VP of Sabelt, opens the doors to the factory in Moncalieri, showing how this company perfectly creates unique life-saving technology.