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Italy’s creativity and ingenuity is the crux of its success in design and manufacturing and the backbone of the Made in Italy brand. Through its famous creative minds in the sectors of art, history, culture and science, Italians have left an indelible mark on the world and continue to do so.

From artisans who practice age-old traditions such as Murano glass and cameo jewellery, to the high-tech engineering of its world-class motorbikes, Italian craftsmanship is synonymous with excellence. Italy’s creativity is also demonstrated in its culinary culture, from its world-renowned pizza, pasta, and gelato to the intricate processes of DOP food products and DOCG wines.

It is the skill and creativity which is handed down over generations that gives Italian brands unique value. Be captivated by Italian creativity. Imagine it.



The most original Italian inventions: from the piano to ice-cream cones, the cello and the microchip.

For generations, Italian originality has reigned supreme in our everyday lives. Its uniqueness, coupled with the help of pioneering visionaries, has fuelled some of the greatest life-changing inventions – visible even globally. From the piano to ice-cream cones, the cello and the microchip, there is something for everyone.



Lorenzo Balbi, the artistic director of Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna (Bologna’s Museum of Modern and Experimental Art) or MAMbo, takes us on a journey through Italian creatives. Discover Emilio Vavarella and his tapestry of his own genetic code.

Using a loom fitted with a Jacquard machine, Emilio Vavarella converted his own genetic code into an 83-meter tapestry. The name of the artwork, part of the broader “The Other Shape of Me” series, is made up of the first line of coding from the artist’s DNA genotype, with the 19th century Jacquard loom being operated by Vavarella’s mother, who symbolically guided the re-creation of her son’s DNA. The tapestry therefore creatively combines artistic vision and traditional artistry by reflecting on the relationship between biology, mechanics, and computing.


Data Stories

Italian expertise: when it comes to the export of bicycles, Italy reigns supreme in Europe.

From long coastal stretches to rolling hills, mesmerising plains, and spiralling mountain trails, Italy is THE cycling destination – making us true experts in bike design and production. The value of the product itself no longer ends at consumer commodity; it has since evolved into a global lifestyle, with Italian-made bicycles sweeping the world.

La creatività è il piacere più grande. È il solo vero valore aggiunto della vita, capace di comprendere tutti gli altri"

“Creativity is the greatest pleasure. It is all-encompassing, and a true added value to life”

Giovanni Agnelli

19th and 20th-century Italian symbol for Italian excellence and economic prosperity, as well as co-founder and former head of the Fiat Group.



Italian talent: the story of Lorenzo, a 14-year-old enrolled at the University of Pisa’s Faculty of Mathematics.

Talent, embedded within the DNA of Italian know-how, spreads and pollinates each and every sector. Italian talent and creativity are globally recognised in all its forms, with the country being the birthplace of some of the finest historical and contemporary geniuses.

Lorenzo is one of them, an incredibly gifted Italian mathematician who, at the tender age of 14, recently enrolled at the University of Pisa. Talented? Yes. But it was also Lorenzo’s persistence and passion for algebra that got him this far at such a young age. Lorenzo is a prime example of how many Italians use their talent, and perhaps more importantly, their passion, to benefit the country. It is through our unwavering dedication to hard work that we make our dreams a reality.

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Discover Italy through six narratives told by senior authors from the Holden School, the creative writing academy founded in Turin by world-renowned author Alessandro Baricco.

In each story, readers will discover new aspects of Italian characters and history, presented with original and different points of view.


The secret ingredient of italianness

Chefs are the perfect Made in Italy ambassadors. They represent their country around the world through a secret ingredient: a touch of Italianness that goes beyond the kitchen, a mixture of culture, personal stories and excellent cooking skills. Let’s get to know them.


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