Auto and Nautical Industry

Italy’s automotive industry encapsulates more than just speed and style, it is a sector which prides itself in innovation, precision, and performance.

With an annual turnover of 93 billion euros, the auto industry is a major economic driver and employs a quarter-of-a-million professionals.

In the country’s historical headquarters of Motor Valley in the region of Emilia-Romagna, engineering expertise is mixed with ground-breaking design to create world-first models.

In 2021, the Italian motorcycle market was the fastest growing in Europe. This combination of knowledge and skill is also the crux of Italy’s shipbuilding sector, which is the world’s number one in the production of superyachts and cruise liners. Nearly half of all superyachts purchased internationally are Made in Italy.

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Did you know that Italy is the European leader in the export of bicycles and sustainable mobility? Italy exports over 54% of all saddles in the world, and that’s not all…The bicycle supply chain generates a total of 1.03 billion euros in income. Italian-made bicycles are sweeping the globe!

bITes of excellences

Automobiles and other Non-Defence Related Means of Transport

Innovation, performance and sustainability are the key strengths of Italian automotive manufacturing production. More than just style and design, the 5,700 companies and 250,000 employees contribute to making this industry a flagship of the entire economy. That is why Italy is considered a leader in this sector around the world.

Messages from the Italian Embassies

Talking About IT

Made in Italy is simply extraordinary, which is why everyone is talking about it!

Italian embassies promote Italian excellence all over the globe. Check out their fantastic video messages and contributions from all around the world to learn more about how amazing Made in Italy is!

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Why is Italy known around the world as a leader in the two-wheels market? Because, thanks to the skills and craftsmanship of its professionals, it combines functionality with form. Obtaining the perfect product is not easy, but the prestigious mix of vision and expertise never fails to deliver.

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Products and Components for Yachts

Italy is the leader of the shipbuilding sector, ranking first in the world for superyachts production — a share representing almost 50% of global purchases! This solid success is demonstrated by the numbers: the revenues amount to nearly two billion dollars, placing Italy ahead of all its competitors.

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Cruise Ships

Italy is the biggest operator in the cruise shipbuilding sector, accounting for 20,000 workers and 180,000 jobs worldwide. This market represents an outstanding productive power. The transport potential of the cruise ships built by Italian workforces surpasses 14 million passengers per year, which sounds unimaginable!

Be authentic

When products and services are Made in Italy, they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence. It is therefore important for both producers and consumers to adopt measures to protect original goods from counterfeit products. But how can you be certain of a product’s reliability? It’s simple: follow the advice of experts!

Say IT

How do you say IT?

Made in Italy is often used as a synonym for quality. But, there’s a lot more to it!  Let’s take a look at some Italian terms that unveil the distinctive qualities of Italian products and services.




Engineering, along with design, and electronics, is at the core of the Italian automotive and nautical sectors. If you have ever been awestruck by a stunning superyacht or car, chances are it was Made in Italy.

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Did you know IT?

Challenge yourself with a game to learn more about how Italy deftly combines culture and technology. Get immersed into the Italian world of excellence: a journey that will let you discover the production and supply chains of several significant sectors that allow Italy to stand out on the global market.

1 in 7 cruise passengers worldwide sail on ships built in Italy.

Be Authentic

When products and services are ‘Made in Italy’, they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence. It is therefore important for both producers and consumers to adopt measures to protect original goods from counterfeiting. But how can you be certain that the product comes from a reliable origin? It’s simple: follow the advice of experts! 

Are you curious to learn about the phenomenon of Italian Sounding in the cured meat industry? To find out more, meet Davide Calderona, Director of ASSICA (Association of the Meat and Cured Meat Industry).


How does Italian Sounding impact entrepreneurs in Italy and limit them to develop products? Tune in as Fabio Leonardi, Assolatte Councillor in charge of Internationalisation, explains how Italian entrepreneurs are tackling the issue.

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Inventing the future now!

Italians have always possessed the ability to look ahead and project their ideas in an ever-changing landscape. Call it perception, talent, a passion for ideas, or planning skills – let’s discover more about this innovative blend!

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Discover more

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