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Italy’s heart and soul is its heritage, and the country’s cultural and natural wonders hold a treasure chest of stories. Italy boasts the most UNESCO world-heritage listed sites of any country, including the detailed porticoes that define the city of Bologna, the awe-inspiring historical centres of Florence and San Gimignano and the sassi of Matera.

However, Italy is not only known around the world for its sites of heritage but also its festivals of historical importance, such as the Carnevale of Venice, Ivrea’s battle of the oranges and Verona’s opera festival.

At the core, Italy’s heritage lies in the hands of its pioneers and craftsmen, in the tales of its cities and in the ancient rituals constantly renewed. Italy’s tradition is not something to be simply admired or preserved: it is a constantly changing story, full of life and unexpected twists. Let yourself be enchanted. Delve into it.



Maracuoccio, frico, cicerchiata and biancomangiare: In Italy there is an iconic name for each delicacy.

Close your eyes and think of Italian gastronomy. What do you see? We offer plenty of incredibly authentic dishes that will blow your mind. It’s a fact – every bite you take is a surprising combustion of flavours; ingredients explode on your taste buds making you crave to explore more of Italy. We bring flavours to the table just by using the simplest and freshest ingredients.



Lorenzo Balbi, the artistic director of Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna (Bologna’s Museum of Modern and Experimental Art) or MAMbo, takes us on a journey through Italian creatives. Discover Aldo Giannotti and his collective art: a pedestal for a cooperative jump.

In his work “Monumento al Tuffatore Triestino” (Monument to Trieste’s Diver), Aldo Giannotti produced a participatory work of art that celebrates a physical action deeply-rooted in the instinctual culture of communities living around the Gulf of Trieste. By crafting a pedestal, Giannotti gives his audience the chance to be a part of his art piece by stepping onto the pedestal and jumping into the nearby sea. Open to anyone wishing to take a dive, the artwork has developed a sense of collective identity within the community through the liberating gesture of a single individual.


Data Stories

Italy: an indisputable source of cultural relevance and inspiration.

Italy can lay claim to some significant heritage. For many it is the strength of our culture, whether it be food, fashion or entertainment, it has strong influences on the rest of the world. We provide a creative hotspot for expertise and craftsmanship, rooted in centuries of culture and beauty that dates back to the early days of the Italian Renaissance. It is the jewel of our heritage.

Tornate all'antico e sarà un progresso

“Go back to the ancients, and it will be a step towards progress”

Giuseppe Verdi

19th-century Italian composer, known worldwide for operas such as “Rigoletto”, “La Traviata” and “Nabucco”.



Slow Food Heroes: when traditions offer new perspectives.

Tradition pervades many facets of daily Italian life. This is what inspired Leonardo to return to his origins and find a new career that would either help him economically or pay homage to past wisdom. After a degree in zootechnics, Leonardo left the hustle and bustle of Italy’s capital, Rome, for his ancestral home in Abruzzo, where he set up a goat farm and officially began his farming adventure.

Through the use of traditional methods, he produces artisanal cheese that respects his heritage and revives time-honoured traditions. This is a perfect demonstration of how past legacies can still contribute to the economy, by always offering new opportunities.

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Italy through stories

Discover Italy through six narratives told by senior authors from the Holden School, the creative writing academy founded in Turin by world-renowned author Alessandro Baricco.

In each story, readers will discover new aspects of Italian characters and history, presented with original and different points of view.


The secret ingredient of italianness

Chefs are the perfect Made in Italy ambassadors. They represent their country around the world through a secret ingredient: a touch of Italianness that goes beyond the kitchen, a mixture of culture, personal stories and excellent cooking skills. Let’s get to know them.


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