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Innovation has been the hallmark of Italy since ancient times. From the Roman Empire when advancements such as the aqueduct revolutionised the world to the present-day masterminds behind its precision engineering, Italy is a world leader in innovation.

Generation after generation, Italian scientists have continued to build upon this legacy, be it with the development of the pianoforte in the beginning of the 18th century, to the first espresso coffee machine in 1884 and the radio by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895. While more recent discoveries include mirror neurons and the modern microchip.

Today, Italy continues to be at the forefront of innovation, with more than 105,000 high-tech companies. It has the fastest-growing life science sector in Europe and is also a leader in renewable energy, the pharmaceutical industry and robotics. From its esteemed research centres to its pioneering tech sector, Italy is a global hub for innovation. Experience it.



“Gold” prosthetics: the Vigorso prosthetics centre in Budrio – behind Italy’s Paralympic victory.

Italian excellence extends far beyond the imagination, and through our innovation we give our athletes wings. The Italian prosthetics centre in Budrio is the driving force behind the country’s numerous Paralympic victories: Italian excellence can be found even within the world of plaster and carbon fibre, robotics, and 3-D printers. Our powers of imagination and innovation translate into inclusive greatness… One that transcends obstacles and prejudices.



Lorenzo Balbi, the artistic director of Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna (Bologna’s museum of modern and experimental art) or MAMbo, takes us on a journey through Italian creatives. Discover Rachele Maistrello and her silver salt prints of non-audible sounds.

Nature’s invisible sounds can now be heard and seen. With the help of analogue frames, Rachele Maistrello uses silver salt prints to reproduce non-audible sounds from nature. The recordings, which belong to the Jonian Dolphin Conservation, contain ultrasounds made by cetaceans inhabiting the Gulf of Taranto. By turning the non-audible (and invisible) into something perceptible to human senses, Maistrello highlights humanity’s (in)ability to listen and understand the natural world.


Data Stories

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand: from art to technology, Italian ingenuity is always a game changer.

Italians are renowned for their creativity. However, creativity is not exclusively reserved to the arts. Science, technology, robotics… Italian inventiveness is represented in every sector. Our work in the field of robotics and automation is globally renowned for its centres of excellence, and our robotics industry alone is a rapidly evolving ecosystem that is expected to thrive and impact all aspects of life across the global market.

Qualunque decisione tu abbia preso per il tuo futuro, sei autorizzato, e direi incoraggiato, a sottoporla ad un continuo esame, pronto a cambiarla, se non risponde più ai tuoi desideri

“Whatever decision you took for your future, you are allowed – or, even better, invited – to question it continually. You should be ready to change it if it does not align with your expectations”

Rita Levi-Montalcini

20th-century Nobel laureate in the Physiology of Medicine, known for her commitment to involving younger generations in studying Sciences.



Italian innovation knows no limits, and now, it is even headed to the moon.

Italy’s journey to the moon begins! Italy’s aerospace sector, with its constant drive for innovation, has an iconic place among Italy’s industries. The sector reflects some of the most distinguishing aspects of Italian industry, such as the ability to compete with large multinational corporations while still delivering some of the most cutting-edge technologies the world has ever seen. Being only the third country in the world to have launched and operated a satellite in orbit, Italy’s aerospace sector has gained much international recognition and exposure.

Ever since the 1964 launch of San Marco 1, Italy has been at the forefront of space exploration and research for over half a century. More recently, Argomoon, the microsatellite designed and developed by Argotec (financed and managed by the Italian Space Agency), represents the first of several key initiatives that places Italy, and its vision for space, at the forefront of innovation.

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