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Passion is the essence of Italian identity. From its ancient wonders to the musicality of its language and trademark lifestyle, Italy’s character and tradition is defined by the passion of its people, past and present. It is evident in the country’s artistic and architectural history that dates back thousands of years, from the Hellenistic Roman period to Renaissance style and post-modernism.

For Italians, passion is an instinct which encourages industry leaders to look beyond the horizon to evolve and inspire. Italians are known for their spirit of community and family, they’re passionate about togetherness.

Passion is what powers Italy’s craftsmanship, from the stitches of a tailored suit to the etching of a handcrafted jewel or construction of a complex race car engine. Italian passion fuels commitment and ignites excellence. It comes from within and drives the country forward. Live it.



From sports to culinary successes, Italy never fails to score the best results through its positive and enthusiastic approach.

Italy never slows down. Our enthusiasm also delivers great achievements. Following victories in European football and volleyball championships, as well as our best-ever medal count at the Tokyo Olympics, Italy’s golden year in international competitions continues with its victory at the 2021 France Pastry World Cup.



Lorenzo Balbi, the artistic director of Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna (Bologna’s museum of modern and experimental art) or MAMbo, takes us on a journey through Italian creatives. Discover Norma Jeane, an Italian artist shrouded in mystery, and their ShyBot robot, which collects more than just data.

Norma Jeane, an anonymous artist known only by their alias, created a Mars Rover-inspired robot known as ShyBot that collects emotionally-neutral data from its surroundings. Powered by solar energy and equipped with digital vision, ShyBot cruises the desert in search of solitude. The desert, due to its emptiness, represents a safe space for the robot, a hideout that is suited to its shy nature; emphasising – through the absence of human warmth – the relevance of the same.


Data Stories

Italian dedication expressed through the number of its Venetian gondolas.

8 wood types and 280 components: these are some of the numbers behind Venice’s infamous boats. First depicted around the 1500s, gondolas are born from the hands of expert manufacturers; individuals with the uncanny ability to render every detail to perfection – guided by their trade secrets of course! Did you know that 13-cm of asymmetry is required between the right and left sides of the boat to ensure proper navigation?

Ho visto l’alba e il tramonto, il sorgere della luna nell’immensa solitudine delle montagne, ho ascoltato i canti, le musiche tradizionali e le fiabe e i discorsi del popolo. E così si è formata la mia arte, come una canzone, o un motivo che sgorga spontaneo dalle labbra di un poeta primitivo

“I saw dawn and dusk, the moon rising through the mountains’ immense solitude; I heard the songs, the traditional music, the fairy tales and the people’s words. That is how my art formed, like a song, or a spontaneous verse that pours from the mouth of a primitive poet”

Grazia Deledda

19th and 20th-century author, first Italian Nobel Prize winner for Literature (1926) and the second woman to have ever won the award.



Inspiration from Italian Nobel Prize winner in Physics Giorgio Parisi.

Where does inspiration come from? And where does it lead? Above all, how does one define inspiration? For some, it is something innate, while for others, it is something that is nourished over time and which draws its inspiration from Italy’s extraordinary cultural heritage: a living legacy that continues to evolve and inspire – not only artists, but individual from all walks of life.

We see it among Italy’s top researchers who are driven by sheer curiosity: Giorgio Parisi’s award of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics illustrates this perfectly. Parisi’s work has been a source of deep inspiration not only to many scientists, but also to everyday people alike. Our passion is contagious, and you see it everywhere.

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Chefs are the perfect Made in Italy ambassadors. They represent their country around the world through a secret ingredient: a touch of Italianness that goes beyond the kitchen, a mixture of culture, personal stories and excellent cooking skills. Let’s get to know them.


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