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Style is a way of life in Italy that is revered and envied around the world. Italian lifestyle evokes many images, from an aperitivo in a Roman piazza to a glass of wine in the rolling hills of Tuscany to shopping in the stylish streets of Milan and soaking up the postcard perfection of the Amalfi Coast.

Italians exude an elegant and effortless style that’s been perfected over centuries, it is a quiet confidence in their achievements in art, philosophy, culture, food, and fashion. Italy is a country where police uniforms are designed by iconic fashion houses and the streets are raceways of classic cars.

From Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel to the ruins of Pompeii and the floating city of Venice, Italy’s style is breathtaking and timeless. Be seduced by the alluring Italian style. Enjoy it.



Italy’s beauty: a collection of images, hidden gems, and history.

Style meets Italy’s beauty and incredible variety through an unrivalled blend of art, people, and landscapes. Beginning with the Northern Alps to Sicily’s mountainous south, grace and rugged beauty radiates from every corner of the country. A fascinating mix of geography, culture, and history – a charm few can resist.



Lorenzo Balbi, the artistic director of Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna (Bologna’s museum of modern and experimental art) or MAMbo, takes us on a journey through Italian creatives. Discover The Cool Couple, who turn artists into soccer players.

Imagine if artistic movements were transferred onto soccer teams: what would their playing strategies look like? “Emozioni Mondiali”, a work of art by The Cool Couple, is an expansion kit for Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018. Artists’ physical appearances are accurately reproduced, and they are assigned specific playing techniques; divided into 20 teams, they represent periods such as the Renaissance, Baroque, and Pop Art. Through their art, The Cool Couple provides an opportunity for an ironic reflection of the most renowned artistic movements.


Data Stories

“Belli e Ben Fatti”: exporting high quality goods so everyone can partake of the Italian experience.

In Italy we say “belli e ben fatti”, meaning “beautiful and well made”. This is the Italian way: producing exceptional products that not only meet the standards of quality, but which surpass and exceed them. To us, exporting the things we invent and create is a matter of much importance – because only something perfect can be a rightful representation of Italy’s “Dolce Vita”!

Io non ricerco il minimalismo, semmai la semplicità che è una cosa molto differente

“I don’t look for minimalism, but for simplicity, which is a totally different thing”

Gae Aulenti

20th-century Italian architect who revolutionised the field by focusing on the interaction between places and people.



Roberto Bolle, a lead dancer with La Scala Theatre Ballet, exemplifies the perfect bond between dance and elegance.

Italian elegance extends far beyond the way we dress and present ourselves to the outside world. It is ingrained in us through the way we move our bodies. Yes, we are talking about Dance! Ballet has its roots in the Italian Renaissance; it is the epitome of Italian beauty and elegance, it is our soul’s inner language.

Ballet has a number of international exponents on some of the world’s most prominent stages – one of whom is the supremely elegant dancer, Roberto Bolle. A dancer unparalleled in style, he manifests the art of dance with a fervour that is rarely seen. Through the beauty of movement, Bolle represents the elegance that is Italy – movements that are balanced and in harmony, a source of constant rebirth.

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Discover Italy through six narratives told by senior authors from the Holden School, the creative writing academy founded in Turin by world-renowned author Alessandro Baricco.

In each story, readers will discover new aspects of Italian characters and history, presented with original and different points of view.


The secret ingredient of italianness

Chefs are the perfect Made in Italy ambassadors. They represent their country around the world through a secret ingredient: a touch of Italianness that goes beyond the kitchen, a mixture of culture, personal stories and excellent cooking skills. Let’s get to know them.


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