Healthcare and Wellness

Research and innovation are the driving factors in Italy’s expanding health and wellness industries, with a mission to provide state-of-the-art services and products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

In the past five years Italy demonstrated the most export growth of pharmaceuticals across Europe and the life science sector.

In several internationally recognised research centres throughout the country, Italian experts use a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the relationship between DNA, lifestyle, the environment, and diseases.

The biotech industry, from proteins and biochips to Big Data analytics, also plays a crucial role in the economy. Italy is also a prestigious supplier of sports and fitness products and is the second-largest exporter of dietary and nutritional supplements in Europe.

bITes of excellences


Did you know that one out of every five clinical studies in the European Union is conducted in Italy? This is mostly due to the high quality of the Italian research system. It has many benefits, including increased job growth and exports. In fact, the country is the European Union’s leader in pharmaceutical output. The country ranking first for export growth in the last 5 years!

bITes of excellences

Life Sciences

Promoting growth and innovation: an ecosystem of intense research is the reason why the Italian Life Science industry is so successful. This sector has a huge impact, one that makes the Italian market the best and fastest-growing in Europe. The results of these studies are shared and appreciated worldwide.

Messages from the Italian Embassies

Talking About IT

Made in Italy is simply extraordinary, which is why everyone is talking about it!

Italian embassies promote Italian excellence all over the globe. Check out their fantastic video messages and contributions from all around the world to learn more about how amazing Made in Italy is!

bITes of excellences


Biotechnology plays an important role in everyday life. From proteins and biochips to Big Data analytics, this field is a crucial pillar of the Italian economy.

bITes of excellences

Sports and Fitness Products

The audience of sports enthusiasts is ever-growing. However, if athletes want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, they need safe and high-quality products that can help them on their fitness journey. In fact, many athletes have recognised Italy as a prestigious supplier of sports products. The country’s researchers and experts are always on the lookout for the best, top-level goods that allow sportive people to turn into athletes.

Be authentic

When products and services are Made in Italy, they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence. It is therefore important for both producers and consumers to adopt measures to protect original goods from counterfeit products. But how can you be certain of a product’s reliability? It’s simple: follow the advice of experts!

Say IT

How do you say IT?

Made in Italy is often used as a synonym for quality. But, there’s a lot more to it!  Let’s take a look at some Italian terms that unveil the distinctive qualities of Italian products and services.



Wellness, feeling good

'Mens sana in corpore sano' wrote the poet Juvenal almost two thousand years ago-- 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. After two millennia, Italy excels in all Healthcare and Wellness industries, from pharmaceuticals to biotechnology, and from life sciences to sports products.

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Did you know IT?

Challenge yourself with a game to learn more about how Italy deftly combines culture and technology. Get immersed into the Italian world of excellence: a journey that will let you discover the production and supply chains of several significant sectors that allow Italy to stand out on the global market.

How much is the turnover of the Italian biotechnology market?

Be Authentic

When products and services are ‘Made in Italy’, they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence. It is therefore important for both producers and consumers to adopt measures to protect original goods from counterfeiting. But how can you be certain that the product comes from a reliable origin? It’s simple: follow the advice of experts!

Are you curious to learn about the phenomenon of Italian Sounding in the cured meat industry? To find out more, meet Davide Calderona, Director of ASSICA (Association of the Meat and Cured Meat Industry).


How does Italian Sounding impact entrepreneurs in Italy and limit them to develop products? Tune in as Fabio Leonardi, Assolatte Councillor in charge of Internationalisation, explains how Italian entrepreneurs are tackling the issue.

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Inventing the future now!

Italians have always possessed the ability to look ahead and project their ideas in an ever-changing landscape. Call it perception, talent, a passion for ideas, or planning skills – let’s discover more about this innovative blend!

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Discover more

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