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Italy is synonymous with style and its accomplishments in the areas of art, food, fashion, and culture have created a lifestyle that is coveted around the world. 

The fashion industry is the beating heart of the Made in Italy brand, thanks to its designers and artisans that are global trailblazers in luxury apparel and footwear.

The successful integration of design and production have made Italy the second biggest exporter of apparel in the world. Key to the sector are the textiles that are sourced with meticulous attention to detail and symbolise quality and tradition. 

Some cornerstones of Italian fashion date back to the 1500s, such as genuine leather goods, which exemplify unique skills handed down over generations. Italian craftsmanship is also demonstrated in the rapidly expanding accessories sector, including jewellery, and the evolving cosmetics industry.

bITes of excellences


Why is the Italian fashion industry renowned worldwide? It comes down to the textiles used which are synonymous with excellence, quality, and tradition. Italy has always been a master at sourcing the best fabrics to make handcrafted items with meticulous attention to detail and finishing. Integrating innovation, fashion, creativity, and industrial processes has long been a success factor in the Italian textile industry.

bITes of excellences


It is no exaggeration to state that Italian fashion’s impact and creative output has been – and continues to be – prodigious. Aside from the economic relevance of the apparel industry, Italy is also a creative hub for skills and craftsmanship, based on centuries of history. Italy has a long-standing passion for beauty, dating back to the early days of the Italian Renaissance and even before that. Today, this tradition is reflected in the industry that is Italy’s crown jewel.

Messages from the Italian Embassies

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Made in Italy is simply extraordinary, which is why everyone is talking about it!

Italian embassies promote Italian excellence all over the globe. Check out their fantastic video messages and contributions from all around the world to learn more about how amazing Made in Italy is!

bITes of excellences


Did you know that the Italian footwear sector is an industry of excellence? With more than 5,031 enterprises and 76,610 employees, this market is undeniably one of the Fashion System’s cornerstones. Italy’s footwear production is intrinsically related to the city of Vigevano, which has long been known as the Italian capital of the footwear world.

bITes of excellences


How can you spruce up your look with Italian flair? It is key to choose the best fashion accessories. Italians can embellish any outfit and add a stylish touch to make it look elegant and trendy. What distinguishes Italian accessories? Well, innovation, artisan manufacturing expertise, and the use of high-quality products.

One example? Italy is a trusted supplier in the field of sunglasses and frames as Europe’s largest manufacturer and exporter.

Be authentic

When products and services are Made in Italy, they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence. It is therefore important for both producers and consumers to adopt measures to protect original goods from counterfeit products. But how can you be certain of a product’s reliability? It’s simple: follow the advice of experts!

bITes of excellences

Leather Goods​

Did you know that the Italian leather industry has been part of the tradition since the 1500s? The craftsmen who work with leather are one of the main reasons for Italian manufacturers’ global success. If you buy a product made of genuine leather and Made in Italy, you will be supporting creativity and rewarding a skill, as well as enhancing an art form that has been passed down through generations.

bITes of excellences


What is the secret of eternal beauty? It is undoubtedly known to the Italians, who have passed their rituals down from generation to generation. The outcome? A timeless beauty that seems to age gracefully. In fact, the Italian cosmetics industry is now considered one of the most prominent in the world. Its efficacy and safety, as well as a stronger emphasis on sustainability, have driven Italy to the forefront of cosmetic production.

Say IT

How do you say IT?

Made in Italy is often used as a synonym for quality. But, there’s a lot more to it!  Let’s take a look at some Italian terms that unveil the distinctive qualities of Italian products and services.


/meraviʎˈʎoso/, /meraviʎˈʎozo/

Marvelous, wonderful

‘Wonderful!’ is a cry of delight from anyone holding Italian jewellery work in their hands. The craft of Italian goldsmiths flourished in the Renaissance, although it dates back to Etruscan times. Today, it is mostly concentrated in the regions of Valenza, Arezzo, and Vicenza.

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Did you know IT?

Challenge yourself with a game to learn more about how Italy deftly combines culture and technology. Get immersed into the Italian world of excellence: a journey that will let you discover the production and supply chains of several significant sectors that allow Italy to stand out on the global market.

How much of Italian fashion exports come from ‘haute couture’?

Be Authentic

When products and services are ‘Made in Italy’, they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence. It is therefore important for both producers and consumers to adopt measures to protect original goods from counterfeiting. But how can you be certain that the product comes from a reliable origin? It’s simple: follow the advice of experts!

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Inventing the future now!

Italians have always possessed the ability to look ahead and project their ideas in an ever-changing landscape. Call it perception, talent, a passion for ideas, or planning skills – let’s discover more about this innovative blend!

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Discover more

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