Italy is a proven hub of design and famous for its creations of function, form, and style.

Italy’s design is evident in its architectural marvels throughout history: from the Colosseum of ancient Roman times to the Renaissance masterpiece of the Florence Cathedral and Milan’s majestic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II of the 19th century.

Italian industrial design flourished in the 20th century, with Hollywood movies of the 1950s glorifying an avant-garde style that spread across the world. 

Years later, names such as Aurelio Zanotta and Umberto Cassina became leaders in the field of interior design, creating some of the biggest brands of furniture and lighting. Italian home products are also key to the Made in Italy label and highly sought after. Murano glass, which dates to the 13th century, is an example of how age-old traditions have adapted to present-day design and trends.

bITes of excellences


The call for style and sustainability makes Italy the perfect place for the 64,000 professionals employed in this sector. Did you know that our country hosts one of the highest concentrations of creatives in the world? Milan, in particular, welcomes experts, design schools and around 25% of the companies working in this field. Italian signature style is loved everywhere. That is why the world knows that Italian design is the go-to choice when speaking of quality home furniture.

bITes of excellences


Why choose Italian lighting? Italy is home to some of the world’s largest lighting brands, offering a variety of options for incorporating a bit of Italian style into living spaces. Materials play a significant part in achieving the aesthetic balance that Italian lighting manufacturers strive for on a daily basis. Only the most sought-after materials are used to ensure quality and longevity.

Messages from the Italian Embassies

Talking About IT

Made in Italy is simply extraordinary, which is why everyone is talking about it!

Italian embassies promote Italian excellence all over the globe. Check out their fantastic video messages and contributions from all around the world to learn more about how amazing Made in Italy is!

bITes of excellences

Home Décor

Only Italian excellence and craftsmanship know how to mix tradition and creativity and give life to the most prestigious home products. How do they do this? By using only high-quality materials to create iconic goods. Italian companies have a good eye when it comes to balancing both aesthetics and functionality. These are important ingredients that allow Italian home products to be exported, valued, and appreciated in every home.

Be authentic

When products and services are Made in Italy, they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence. It is therefore important for both producers and consumers to adopt measures to protect original goods from counterfeit products. But how can you be certain of a product’s reliability? It’s simple: follow the advice of experts!

Say IT

How do you say IT?

Made in Italy is often used as a synonym for quality. But, there’s a lot more to it!  Let’s take a look at some Italian terms that unveil the distinctive qualities of Italian products and services.


/arkiˈtetto/, /arkiˈtɛtto/


The word architect comes from the Latin architectus and the Greek ἀρχι-τέκτων. It is an ancient word for a profession that represents innovation, research and creativity. Architects are among the most visible representatives of Made in Italy design, a sector that is always at the forefront in Europe and the rest of the world.

Guess IT

Did you know IT?

Challenge yourself with a game to learn more about how Italy deftly combines culture and technology. Get immersed into the Italian world of excellence: a journey that will let you discover the production and supply chains of several significant sectors that allow Italy to stand out on the global market.

Where does Italy rank among European nations in terms of exports in trade surplus in the wood industry?

Be Authentic

When products and services are ‘Made in Italy’, they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence. It is therefore important for both producers and consumers to adopt measures to protect original goods from counterfeiting. But how can you be certain that the product comes from a reliable origin? It’s simple: follow the advice of experts! 

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How does Italian Sounding impact entrepreneurs in Italy and limit them to develop products? Tune in as Fabio Leonardi, Assolatte Councillor in charge of Internationalisation, explains how Italian entrepreneurs are tackling the issue.

IT’s a great story

Inventing the future now!

Italians have always possessed the ability to look ahead and project their ideas in an ever-changing landscape. Call it perception, talent, a passion for ideas, or planning skills – let’s discover more about this innovative blend!

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Discover more

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