Italy is simply extraordinary:



In Italy there is a place where inspiration meets dedication, where warmth is enriched by enthusiasm: it's where Italian passion is born. Whether in sport or science, research or design, Italian passion is a force to be reckoned with. It fuels dedication and ignites excellence. It emanates from afar, and drives us forward. Live it.

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A ubiquitous force, the spark that ignites the conception and production of premium goods: in Italy creativity goes beyond talent, it outpaces artistry, and is even more profound than originality. It surpasses expertise, extending far beyond the realms of fashion and food. Italian creativity is limitless. Imagine it.

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Startuppers for more than 2000 years, we blend imagination and vision to develop unparalleled products; alchemists of inventiveness, we merge sustainability and know-how to excel among circular economies. Innovation has always remained our trademark since ever, and it will continue to be so in the years to come. Experience it.

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4000 museums, 6000 archaeological sites, the largest number of Unesco world cultural sites… and this is only a fraction of our heritage. Our traditions will surpass your expectations, the wonders of our lands will make every trip too short, and our people will find ever-new ways to impress you. Yet this is only a small part of our heritage. Dive into it.

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The intersection of the region's ideas and stories, the meeting point of Mediterranean cultures, a place made of infinite places. In Italy, diversity is inborn: in the people and the environment, in the territory and the food, in manufacturing and the culture: it's the trigger that turns every challenge into an opportunity. Diversity makes us unique. Explore it.

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Unite quality and aesthetics, mix them with elegance and refinement, add a generous pinch of beauty: doesn't this sound like the perfect formula? Pour in some Italian charm, blend it with the maximum level of accuracy and you have the second-largest global player in fashion and footwear. Just a taste of what style means to us. Enjoy it.

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In Italy sustainability is more than a commitment, it is a way of life. Now it is your chance to participate in making a change. Share the Be IT video campaign and you will help create the first 'Made in Italy' forest: for every 10000 views, a tree will be planted in Apulia, Basilicata, or Tuscany.

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Social Wall #beIT

Scroll through the images and posts on the social wall and find out what influencers, creators, communities, and users are saying about how cool Italy is. Join the conversation with the hashtag #beIT.

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IT Parade

Imagine you are driving through your favourite Italian city. Which songs make you think about the delicious food, the slow-paced life, and the eye-popping architecture that can be seen at every corner? We are curious. Share your favourite soundtrack and create your playlist with the 5 Italian songs you love most: you will help build the biggest IT Parade in the world!

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